Splash Page ideas
Sep 21, 2021 05:57 PM
Why Talktree? Platform agnostic
start blogging with talktree - don't know what to blog? Doesn't matter, just start writing, ever taken notes before? Get found
Don't just put some of your content online, put all of it
Write it all down. You can lose keywords by writing just blogs instead of the whole process. For example while I make Google searches, they don't sound like the blog titles I make.
Is your unpublished blog list longer than your published? Its time to rethink! lol
With note taking like this you're more likely to match long tail searches.

Turn your notes into content.

Monetize -
We plan on implementing various monetization strategies. Users can currently receive
Everything is being democratized. More experts.
Blog page intro: I created this site,, to help self-directed learners progress faster.
Here's how I made it:
What if we could get everyone to blog about everything, every obstacle they overcame. Then when people going through those experiences, they can talk directly with someone who has been there.
Don't put your blog posts behind a paywall.
Regardless of your expertise, you should start blogging.
it looks good, building a public presence is important
helps you get jobs
enable messaging and communicate with others
you can set up a pay-to-communicate system
it only takes being 1 step ahead to help someone else out
tony hseih - "create the opportunity for meaningful collisions"
Medium + whatsApp
A different way for junior devs to network. Mentor/mentee platform
The idea is for 'the blind to lead the blind'. The theory is, you don't need to be an expert to teach someone, you just need to be 1 step ahead.
Our mission is to help amateurs connect with one another.
Mentor/mentee webdev problem
I've seen several posts in /r/webdev on people either looking for mentors or vice versa.
I'm not interested in a mentor/mentee relationship but someone who can answer my stupid questions.
The fundamental goal is to get more people sharing information with one another.
The theory is that you only need to be 1 step ahead of someone to be of help.