Create a browse page
I want to create a page like Medium or, a variety of different blog posts from different authors.
Although I don't have possession of the data, I'm using React-Notion-X to render Notion blog posts.
New Talktree user doesn't render a page
save the page AllNotionPagesInSpace: M: { "pageId": M: { pageMap } }
Instead of saving the page data to my backend on every render - put all the logic in Browse. Grab the notionId, then API request, get all the pages, work from there.
Create a browse page that retrieves all the user's with their NotionIds. Perform getAllPagesInSpace.
Pass an Object with Title, TitleUrl, username
Which attribute determines what page block is the parent block?
I need to see what makes these 2 files different so I can make a function to determine which is the parent/child. If block.value.parent_id === block.value.space_id - does not work because the parent block also exists in the child block?
Using VSCode collapse feature to comb through the JSON. Game changer.
  • Collection and collection view only indicates the presence of a collection (gallery, board, table etc)
  • getBlockParentPage ≠ getRecordMapParent

Deconstructing React-Notion-X

I had a function that was getting URL from the props that was passed from notionRenderer to Link. Then I tried passing just the recordMap, but I didn't have a way to differentiate which link was which. Then I wanted to match the href, the to the list of blocks in the recordmap - all this because getBlockTitle requires the block and recordMap.
  • Nextjs has no feature to make the URL case agnostic
Next.js is rendering the title names as urls through a different process than react-notion-x
[topic] page needs the mapPageUrl functions
have the master pages titleUrl just blank - thus referring to [id] instead of [topic]

Show Images
How does react-notion-x render images? When I inspect the code, borrow that link, use it as the source, I get a 403 authentication error. It takes the cloudfront URL and adds
Notion is using S3 and I don't have their IAM credentials.
React-Notion-X has a feature to use your own CDN, but I don't quite understand it.

How can I tell which block is the parent in the Notion JSON?


I want to create styling like a blog post. Fixed max width center piece.
I wanted something like this where the bigger links would be blog posts and the smaller ones would be notes or thoughts.
notion image
After seeing it drawn out, I'm just going to do blog posts only -
Center blog posts
How do I get attribute 'blog'?
Difference between block and child record map?